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A Space Shooter and Platformer mash-up with guns, robots and time travel. Currently in progress and slated for 2014. It will be available for PC, Linux and OSX. Possibly Ouya and Wii.

Current Release Build: N/A
Windows 1.0 MacOS 1.0 Linux 1.0

Current Beta Build: N/A
Windows 0.1 MacOS 0.1 Linux 0.1

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New scanner. With some c-Jeff in the bg. #indiegames #gamedev #temporus

Here is some more awesome C-Jeff in action!

C-Jeff joins team Firebelly! He will producing the original Soundtrack to Temporus!

Some lat Fall updates as we move towards Kickstarter.

Update Oktober, ja.

Here are some bullet points of what has been going on with Temporus at the old Firebelly Studios.

  • Matte Paintings Started: The painter has started work on the story line matte paintings and they are looking pretty cool. Sometimes you can’t tell a story without some context.
  • Puzzle pieces are past draft one: The game will feature some puzzle aspects where you are supposed to collect little items and then place them into a machine to get a door open or find a hidden weapon. Should be interesting.
  • Music: Our composer is about to start laying down the audio for the intro. He’s really awesome and I love what he’s been doing.
  • Merch: A really awesome crafty lady is busy working on a prototype plushie, I can’t want to have one on my desk to motivate me!

Build 0.1.1011

  • Added some enemies to the cargo ship
  • Peter started work on a cool little addition to the ship
  • Removed some old stuff I didn’t like too much
  • Started work on a random platformer cave dive

Temporus game play in gif form.

I took a couple shot captures of some of the game play here so you can kind of see what it’s like to move around.

image image
image image
image image

Temporus Timelapse: Building a little puzzle and a drone. (by Erik Umenhofer)

This is what it looks like when I am adding new platform stuff.

Update 0.1.1007

  • Quest log works now, so no matter where you are in the game, if the logs are changed, they show up right on the screen.
  • New crew cabin art
  • Slightly less annoying icons